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The 2023 Honda HR-V looks like a great way to get from one place to another

Honda Hr V Sport 2023

Honda Hr V Sport 2023

Hello young brothers and sisters, how are you? Want a switch that looks and feels great to take things and places to? Of course you do! Say hello to the new 2023 Honda HR-V, it looks a lot like the Civic but bigger. Mark my words, you see these things all over the place even in your demographic.

How We’d Spec It: 2023 Honda Hr V From Basic To Fully Loaded

From the front, the new HR-V looks unassuming, as if it refuses to think it’s a vehicle. It’s sarcastic and insulting to its purpose – listing the missing coffee table home from IKEA after the homeowner’s Marinara disaster. He knows it’s possible to get the next awesome state license plate and he faces such a possibility with the cynicism usually reserved for desperate optimists. Things are a little better around the edges – think Acura MDX five-eighth if one isn’t enough to tip the scale directly.

While the HR-V’s profile styling is pretty decent, things get worse as your eyes wander below. Is it just me, or is the wheel design on this thing really creepy? The Sport trim has its wheel design dipped in a pool of black, while the EX-L’s five-spoke convex design with five thin tool blades looks very thin. Those EX-L wheels just make the HR-V look like a water buffalo on roller skates. I’m not saying that better wheels will transform this into a super sharp vehicle, but it will. Fortunately, things have worked out well in the past.

But yes. See that bare panel between the taillights? This is very good. Clean and minimalist, a breath of fresh air in today’s sea of ​​trucks. The HR-V’s taillights are also very nice, a nice touch of luxury. Altezza style headlights that are really fun rather than ugly, with nice details. The LED lights under the red swoosh are similar for either taillights or indicators. I’m crossing my fingers for the amber glowers.

Also, let’s talk about using glossy black plastic on the EX-L trim instead of plain tupperware. Sure, it will be as thick as DJ Lethal, but it should last much longer than plain textured plastic. Remember, the lower trims don’t get plastic strips on the sides, so it’s good of Honda to try to be a little more concise with the trim.

Honda Hr V: Improved But Not Groundbreaking

There are actually some good things going on in the new HR-V. Make sure the USB charging ports in the console are positioned correctly so you can drop devices into a small compartment under the console’s switch bank. This is just a nice design, like the strong rib on the lower door and the plastic luggage compartment. As for the rest of the interior, Honda’s ‘simple’ style (yes, that’s the real name) is on full display here, with a full-width Civic-like mesh for the dashboard, three neat knobs. for HVAC control, and some pretty cool stuff on the center console. In fact, this interior is much better than most small cars. The house is ready to give the fight to the Mazda CX-30.

There is also a lot of technology on board. While Honda’s basic infotainment interface feels like a $40 head unit you’d buy from Wish, the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are good, while Honda’s safety suite is enhanced with wide-angle front cameras , traffic lights, and traffic jams help reduce the traffic tedium. Also, hey, a virtual touch screen on the lower seven-inch infotainment system! This is a killer look and it is very beautiful.

In terms of luggage space, it’s pretty good. 24.4 cubic feet (690.9 L) behind the rear seats, 55.1 cubic feet (1,560 L) with the rear seats up. True, the Kia Seltos is roomier with 26.6 cubic feet (753 L) of space behind the rear seats and 62.8 cubic feet (1,778 L) with the second one folded, but it also feels very cheap. If the new Civic is anything to go by, the new HR-V should feel very comfortable, a wonderful cocoon of soft-touch plastics and playful push-button control.

Honda Hr V Sport 2023

Power comes from a decent two-liter single-cylinder engine that makes some horsepower. Let’s be honest, 158 horsepower and 138 lb.-ft. there’s enough torque to propel a vehicle like this along but not enough to matter. Like getting Cs in school, an HR-V engine will get you good. The only gearbox available is a CVT that can send power to all or all four front wheels. Look, if you’re really into speed, buy a Hyundai Kona N or something. The HR-V’s powertrain is here to get the job done with minimal emissions and a lower fuel bill. The EPA rates this thing at 26 mpg city, 32 mpg highway, and 28 mpg combined for the front-wheel drive version, while the all-wheel drive model loses one mpg city, two over the top. -road, and one together. This is definitely not a hatchback segment, but it’s not bad either.

What To Know About The 2023 Honda Hr V

Better than just “not bad” are the HR-V’s general underpinnings. It is based on the new Civic so it has a more aggressive design, independent rear suspension, and a better user footprint than the old model. More importantly, something strange is going on. The top is laser brazed to eliminate rubber leaks, while the polished glass is more discreet for a sleeker look. Good stuff.

Prices for the new HR-V range from $24,985 for the front-wheel-drive LX model to $30,195 for the all-wheel-drive EX-L model, including a $1,245 destination charge. Not cheap, not cheap Not expensive, just smack dab in the middle of the small crossover market. Honestly, the new HR-V looks like a big step up from the old one. Mind you, I hold the old HR-V in contempt – I came in for the test drive with no expectations and it still ended. Compared to that, this 2023 model is very good. It says all the right things on paper and they should be perfect at doing what their cars need to do.

However, Honda believes that they will sell this thing to the youth. The marketing team even used the word “GenZennials” in a press release for the new HR-V which made me want to poke my eyes out with a melon baller. Speaking as a “GenZennial,” whatever Cinnamon Toast Fuck stands for, I can tell you this – the youth will not buy this thing in droves. They’ll walk into a Honda dealership, look at the Civic hatchback’s fuel economy figures and buy one of those instead.

Who can blame them? The Civic hatchback is practical, economical, well-equipped, and slightly cheaper than the HR-V. I’m not saying this as a young man in cars, I’m saying this as a young man with a full stop. Small cars are generally fine with my demographic. You know who would buy a ton of HR-Vs? Our parents and grandparents. Donors who love to take home bags of hay from Home Depot because they have the time and energy to properly feed their backyard. People who welcome a bigger driver’s seat because the back is not what it used to be. You know what? This is good. A small crossover SUV with a good interior design is absolutely perfect for this demographic, and there is no doubt that it is a good choice for the market at large. Expect the new HR-V to roll into showrooms this month and appear in all big-box stores from coast to coast shortly thereafter.

The 2023 Honda Hr V Probably Won’t Get An Off Road Or Hybrid Version

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We might have bought a car with a rally legend And Oh Boy – Stories from Slack2023 Honda HR-V revealed with smarter technology, great civic architecture, more power, and much of its star technology in the new HR-V.

The Honda HR-V shares two-thirds of its black with the Honda CR-V sedan, but when it arrived on North American shores in 2016, the little CUV could only sue what felt like a bone ten of his older brother. his reputation The Honda HR-V 2023 – the second in the world for the new world – the city tables in the modern interior for the best challenge of the popular CR-V.

Honda Hr V Sport 2023

Arriving two months after its global debut, it’s hard to tell the new HR-V from the all-new Civic. Both cars ride atop Honda’s world-class architecture and share a standard 2.0-liter naturally aspirated, continuously variable transmission.

Honda Hr V: Choosing The Right Trim

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