2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles – Honda Radmoto has revealed the range of 2023 CRF RX enduro models, including the best-selling 300cc version and four upgraded special editions.

There’s no worse way to start an ordinary Tuesday in October than looking at a shiny new bike. The European Enduro arm of Honda Radmoto, the official Italian home of Enduro World Championship racing and homologated Enduro bikes, has announced its 2023 model range:

2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

All four models are also available in a special edition version with an upgraded parts list – see below for more details.

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The focus of Honda’s 2023 CRF model range is largely on the 450 which RedMoto has further developed with the care of its EnduroGP and ISDE experience, Nathan Watson.

They say “significantly lower torque” than the ’23 engine means smoother power delivery to improve drive and cornering control. Honda’s new intake port, longer air funnel, smaller diameter throttle body and revised cam timing all contribute.

The stiffened frame and revised suspension settings mean improved braking stability, faster cornering, more front tire grip and better handling, Honda says.

The CRF 400RX is derived from the 450 model but with smaller pistons, cylinders and fresh ECU settings and all follows the improvements made on its big sister but trades a softer throttle touch for more “fluid delivery” at low power. revs thanks to the smaller bore size (92mm) and 0.5 less compression.

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Mechanically unchanged, the 2023 CRF 250RX is still the most powerful Honda 250 ever thanks to a 22′ cylinder head development. This results in a significant increase in torque at low engine speeds, plus an improved radiator for better cooling efficiency.

The clutch is upgraded to a nine-disc array, while the beefier gearbox has new calibrated ratios. The Showa suspension is perfectly tuned for enduro use and is suitable for different terrains.

The new CRF 300RX is the best seller of the Honda Enduro range. “A point of reference for enthusiasts who want to combine an ultra-light bike with explosive delivery” says RedMoto. We say it’s just a balance of weight and power for enduro.

2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

It has a larger bore size for 10% more power and 15% more RedMoto torque. That’s enough to make a difference and if you’ve tested bikes, we loved this model.

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RedMoto’s enduro model improves upon the stock RX with a 7.3-liter fuel tank, standard 90/90-21 front and 140/80-18 rear Metzeler Six Days Extreme tires. They fit a full LED lighting system, a sturdier rear mudguard with integrated license plate holder support, this also increases crashworthiness they say.

All new RedMoto models get a makeover and fresh blue graphics to complement the Honda line of CRF Enduro models. The special edition bike is larger in blue look with special anodized parts (check the parts list below) to enhance the stock Hondas.

Additional parts on the special edition model include: CHT steel sprocket, strong anodized kite hubs, X-Trig ROCS triple clamps, coolant hoses, AXP sump shield, illuminated InnTech parts (axle pullers, chain adjuster blocks, oil fillers, etc.) Clutch Rekleuse. cover

Who is RedMoto? Not only are they responsible for the homologation (Euro 5) of the Honda RX range in Europe, they have also extended the line-up to four with their own 300, 400cc version. All bikes are built in house using the race team for all R&D including the development of the unique engines of 300 and 400 cc.

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This website uses cookies that are necessary for its functionality and necessary to achieve the goals described in the privacy policy. By accepting this or scrolling this page or continuing to browse, you agree to our privacy policy. A subtle update to Honda’s popular 2023 CRF300L two-sport doesn’t hide the fact that it looks great in the new gray and orange colors. Matching hand guards.

The model update for the Honda CRF300L is minor, the popular entry-level dual sport gets a new color option and standard fit hand protection for 23 years of the model. Not much but not much wrong with this bike.

Rooted in Honda’s off-road DNA from the late 1970s, when the XL250S was launched, the CRF300L continues the original lineage of on-road and off-road utility and prowess for the masses.

2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

The entire XL range that followed became legendary, proving to be an economical and easy-to-use four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a capable chassis that is what many people want from a motorcycle: something useful, versatile, and all around motorcycle rider. world. to find out when they strangle one leg over him, happy.

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The 2023 CRF300L uses a powerful 286cc single-cylinder engine that produces 20.1kW and 26.6Nm. The 1-5 gear ratio is short, for throttle response and acceleration, while the sixth gear is tall for more relaxed high-speed riding and fuel economy. There is also a slipper clutch As standard to control skipping and slipping of the rear wheel during downshifts.

Honda’s steel frame, aluminum swingarm and steering geometry offer positive feedback and feel for riders of mixed experience – which is part of where this bike’s appeal lies. He is a gentle and stable rider with enough agility and general off-road ability.

A curb weight of 142 kg is well balanced with a thin tank and a seat unit that allows for beginner-friendly off-road handling. Honda says the riding position is “optimized to encourage the easy steering maneuverability required off-road, and equally useful around town.”

New to the range of 23 models is the orange and gray bodywork with black handguards as standard, which we really like. You can get the red color of course with the “Extreme Red” hand guard.

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This website uses cookies that are necessary for its functionality and necessary to achieve the goals described in the privacy policy. By accepting this or scrolling this page or continuing to browse, you agree to our privacy policy. 2023 Honda CRF300L gets new handguards and paint in Europe Available in two colors, with different color handguards depending on the color you choose.

On December 1, 2022, Honda Motor Europe launched the 2023 CRF300L. What’s new? Knee guards are now fitted as standard, with different guard colors depending on the CRF300L color you choose. Additionally, the reliable, small-displacement dual sport engine has new colors and graphics for 2023.

The new Swift Gray paint scheme on the 2023 CRF300L comes with a pair of black knuckle guards, echoing the color, shape and size of the stock mirrors on this bike. The main color is grey, although there are orange and white accents, as well as a black CRF sticker on the side of the bike. The seats are black, and the Honda logo is done in white along the back corner.

2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

Swap out the Honda Extreme Red paint on your 2023 CRF300L, and you’ll get red knuckle guards instead of black. The saddle is also red, and there are white and blue accents to break up the red which is the main color of this bike. The Honda logo on the seat was this time white instead of black.

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For 2023, the CRF300L’s 286 cc, liquid-cooled, double overhead cam, single-cylinder engine produces 20.1 kW (or 27 horsepower) at 8,500 rpm and 26.6 Nm (or 19.6 lb-ft) of torque ). 6,500 rpm remains unchanged. The bore and stroke are still 76 x 63mm, and the compression ratio remains 10.7 to one. This mill is mated to a six-speed gearbox, which also remains unchanged for the new model year. Assist clutch and slippers are standard.

The CRF300L gets 21-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels. The front fork is a 43mm inverted Showa unit, and Showa shocks and Pro-Link rear suspension grace the rear. Braking is done by a single 256mm disc up front, and a two-piston brake caliper. At the rear, the 2023 CRF300L gets 220mm discs and single-piston calipers. Dual-channel ABS is standard.

Seat height is 880 mm, or 34.6 inches. Curb weight is 142 kilograms, or 313 pounds. Wheelbase is 1,455 mm, rake is 27.5 degrees, and trail is 109 mm. LCD instrumentation keeps the rider well-lit In the cockpit, and the headlights and taillights remain halogen in 2023.

Price and availability will vary depending on the market in Europe. So far, Honda has only announced details of the 2023 CRF300L for the European market, but in Honda’s case, that usually means it’s the first announcement, not the only announcement. As we have more information about additional releases in other markets, we will keep you updated. Honda has announced a new visual update for the 2023 CRF300L, its entry-level dual sport bike, for next year.

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Honda’s off-road and dual-sport range is the strongest yet, with headliners like the CRF1100L Africa Twin and new additions like the XL750 Transalp.

Next towards the entry side of things is the CRF300L, which hasn’t changed much since a 4kg weight reduction 10 years ago. That longevity validates its establishment, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

With behind him the strong background of Honda’s off-road competition – including the Motocross World Championship title

2023 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

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